Glazing changing


The JPL body welcomes and advises its customers on the maintenance and repair of vehicles. They
support your vehicles for all types of bodywork, painting and the repair and replacement of your
windshield and other glazing elements, in partnership with Glass Auto Service for these.


To gain ground in the car glazing market with Carglass as a competitor, it is not necessary to play with
the same rules and take advantage of the local ground. We made them communicate through local
garagists, via targeted local advertisements made to «steal» the attention of consumers via cognitive
levers. Moreover, it was undoubtedly the best time to create this kind of campaign, because thanks to
the coronavirus there was a real awareness on the importance of local consumption for the survival of
local shops. As a result, a video and a facebook campaign have been created to inform local
consumers about the glass replacement and repair services offered by the JPL garage.

and why not you ?